Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android:

About GTA 5:

GTA 5 is one of the best games in the gaming industry. The launch of GTA 5 brings a great change in the industry. The GTA 5 brokes the industrial sales records and became the best selling entertainment product in the history, earned $800 million in its first day and $1 Billion in its first 3 days. Here, you are going to see the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 in which you gonna to experience the real GTA 5 gameplay.

It is the http://3rd best selling video game of all time with over 110 million copies shipped and and one of the most financially successful entertainment product of all the time, with about $6 Billion in worldwide revenue.

As we all know that GTA 5 is not available for android. But there are several mods developed by the gamers to get the GTA5 experience in Android. Because, it is not officially available for Android. So, there are many gamers who developed similar games like GTA5 for Android. So, we try to make the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 that you can experience on your android also.

GTA 5 Crew:

DeveloperRockstar North
Publisher Rockstar Games
Producer Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
Designer Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
Programmer Adam Fowler
ArtistAaron Gurbut
WriterDan Houser, Rupert Humphries
ComposerTangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist
Series Grand Theft Auto
Engine RAGE
PlatformsPlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Release 17 September 2013.
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
18 November 2014.
Microsoft Windows
14 April 2015
ModesSingleplayer, multiplayers

List of top 10 games like GTA 5 :

1. Mad Out To Big City Online:

Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android

Mad Out 2 Big City Online is a grand theft auto style http://sandbox game which is in the first place of Top 10 games like GTA 5 but it’s not the best in all of these games. In the beginning, as usual, you can only complete minor and mostly unimportant missions but as you move on, you will be able to improve your position and aspire more important missions


The controls in Mad Out 2 Big City Online are relatively complex, since you have a few buttons that change depending on whether you’re traveling by foot or in a vehicle. From the options menu, you can also customize the graphics to your liking.

In Mad Out 2 Big City Online you’ll find an big city. where you can drive over 30 different vehicles and use almost a dozen different weapons. You can use handguns, machine guns, shotguns, etc. But what usually happens in these types of games is that you can wander around the city aimlessly or try to complete any of the game’s missions.

Mad Out 2 Big City Online is a spectacular sandbox game. On a visual and content level, the game is comparable to many Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 titles. Overall, it’s an outstanding game with hours worth of content to play.

2. Los Angeles crimes:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world shooter game with different game modes such as Team death-match, Zombie survival and Clear the City. Where you can get the gaming experienUnlesse along with your friends also.It is set in the second place in the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 but the game has a real gaming experience like GTA 5.


  • Active ragdoll that reacts to environment physics and fun to watch.
  • Realistic character movement and motion captured animations.
  • Works offline and Local WiFi
  • Ps4 controller support
  • 5 maps and 3 game modes

Map Builder:

  • Show off your creativity to your friends by building awesome maps in LAC Editor with unlimited resources.
  • Double tap on spawned items to modify them.
  • Your maps will be saved in: Android > data > editor folder.


  • Android 2.3+ and at least 512 ram.
  • If you get black screen, grant all the needed permissions.
  • Read and write permissions are used for saving custom map or cellphone features.

Cellphone tips :

  • To spawn vehicle you need to pull out your cellphone and call the mechanic from the contacts menu.
  • To change your cellphone wallpaper you need to copy your favorite image and paste it to this path: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > wallpaper
  • To see your pictures taken from the camera or selfie camera you need to go to this path:
    Android > data > com.MA.LAC > screenshots.

Cellphone cheat codes:

  • 1999756966 Slow motion
  • 19993562837 Moon gravity

Cheat codes to type on screen:

  • hud hides whole game HUD
  • hidecontrols hides control buttons for controller mode
  • kick (playername) to kick other players from the game (only host)
  • kill to kill yourself
  • timescale (0.1 to 10) change the overall game speed
  • timeset (0 to 360) change the time of the day 0 sunrise & 180 sunset
  • cyclespeed (0 to 50) speed of day & night cycle
  • detachall detaches all the car body parts
  • Fps to show or hide frames per second.

http://Los Angeles undercover is one of the best games in the gaming market and you must have its gameplay experience and share it with your friends circle.

3. Go To Street 2:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

The “Go To Street 2” game offers new opertunity to roam around the grand city with your favorite character.
You can enjoy all oportunity the big city can offer including:

  • fitness Club
  • dance club
  • auto salon
  • park with coaster
  • Hotel room etc.

The city is seaside, so you can enjoy beautiful beach and swimming in the sea water is awesome and you can rest in your hotel room with awesom sea scene. This game gives oportunity to earn money with taxi driving. Then you can buy your own specific sport cars even you own helicopter. With this game you can drive specific street cars around the city.

Key Features:

  • null
  • Fitness club
  • Dance club
  • Auto Salon
  • Hotel room
  • Swimming
  • Taxi driving
  • Helicopter controler
  • Character selection
  • Car Rent
  • Coaster
  • Easy control
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Specific cars
  • Control of the third person
  • Grand Street
  • Grand City
  • Beautiful town
  • Beautiful island
  • Fantastic car physics

In ‘Go To Street 2’ you rush along the streets of a big city in a powerful sports car or in other vehicle and can experienced the incredible speed. Take part in street race, step on the gas and drive along the interesting tracks. Get into a quad or even a helicopter. Test various vehicles and become the best driver in the city. Have rest from the tensed races in a luxurious room of a hotel and can also go to the night club.

4. Gun Shot City:

Top 10 games like GTA

Gun shot city: An open world action game with unlimited freedom is in the fourth number in the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 but we haven’t set it according to the gaming standard its just a position given to Gun Shot City.

Gunshot City is an open world action game that offers you the freedom to play the way you like.Whether you play by the rules or against them you chose how to earn your money. You can become a criminal and fight against rival gangs or you can do normal jobs to earn some extra cash. The choice is yours.Drive fast cars and win street races to earn money so you can buy new content for the game like weapons, items or even new safehouses.Tons of vehicle specific missions including Police Patrol, Firefighter, Ambulance Driver, Taxi Driver and more!Explore a big map and find it’s secrets by driving land, sea or air vehicles.Enter the Weapon-Nation to buy more weapons and explosives and let no one stand in your way.Bonus modes includes the Arcade Challenges where you can use all kinds of weapons to cause some chaos and earn money.


Gunshot City is an open world/action game developed entirely by one person. Programming and almost all of it’s graphics and character animations are all handmade.

New Update:

  • Added support for Android 5.0+ devices
  • Added Data Privacy button in main menu

The http://Gun shot city is one of the game’s in which you can live independently and do whatever you want and experience the boss life by doing anything whether it is under rules or against the rules and that’s made this game best in the gaming industry.

5. GTA 5 Unity:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

GTA 5 Unity v1.9 is out again with the amazing new updates. This game is under construction.Developers are working hard on completing the game. The developer trying to give you same as Grand theft auto 5 experience on your android device with their gameplay. This game is given as the first priority in the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 but its the one of best in this list.

The Game name has been changed to Los Angeles Crimes due to the Grand Theft Auto V is the name of Rockstar Company. The developer of this game was Mohammad Alizade.

The game was under construction or it still developing but, the Good News is that you can download its Development build (Early Access).

After a very long time Finally, Mohammad Alizade has released the new version 1.9 of Los Angles Crimes.

What’s New:

  • Adding Punching Animation
  • New Loading Screen
  • Taunting people
  • Swearing while Shooting
  • Vehicles color and Shading Changed
  • Now Player and NPC can Talk
  • NPC Cheat Code added – 19990 ( Max 5 NPC at the Same time)

Download GTA 5 Unity – Los Angeles Crimes v1.9

  • Required 4.0 or Up
  • version – 1.9
  • Mode – Offline

6. Crazy Miami Online:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

The Crazy Miami Online is a Racing/action android game made by Grand Game that you can install on your android devices and get the GTA 5 experience and you can also share and play with your friends.This game is a great way to refresh your mind by playing this amazing game and there are many missions also which you can complete with your friend circle.

Features in Crazy Miami:

  • 3 big cities
  • more than 50 cars and motorcycles
  • more than 30 characters
  • any kind of work
  • more than 40 types of weapons
  • 5 helicopters
  • Missions

What’s New:

1.1) Fix bugs. Added bike. Missions
1.2) Added 4 body armor, 5 helmets, 4 cars, nitro, the ability to join one of the 5 gangs, hire your gang members, capture checkpoint.

7. Gangstar Vegas:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

http://Gangstar vegas is one of the massive open world game full of shooting, racing, boxing & crazy gang stories.

If you are ready to roll the dice on a life of crime. Then,the city of Vegas is waiting for a gangster like you.

You can run free in a massive open game world full of gang wars, theft, vice, auto racing, sniper action, clan conspiracies, zombie shooting, and other absolutely fun and completely wild.

Explore every inch of this grand open city, where every vice has a price. Discover each TPS action mission, racing, challenge, secret collectible and grand theft you can find. Take a chance with your favorite casino game of choice. You know. the kind that they don’t play in San Andreas. Because this game is placed in seventh number in the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5 doesn’t mean that game is not soo much better. Its the one of the best in this list.


Start your heart racing Vegas story boxing for the mafia. But soon you will be able to free to claim the real grand prize as you send your own crime clans from the gang world of the city. Keep fighting for your life through each action packed mission (over 80) full of thieft, auto racing, shooting and fun TPS action. You never know what you will battle next as alien wars, waves of tanks and zombie clans are just part of the course in this city.


Open the gang wars with a bang by fighting with Flamethrowers, maltov cocktails, Grenade Launchers and even future firepower. Get behind the wheel of muscle cars, armored tanks, hoverbikes,fighter jets and anything else you have dreamed of driving since you were a little gangster.Develop deadly drones to give you some auto cover fire, counter strike support and healing for your mission of crime. Become a unique gangsta as you customize your TPS skills and in game geat for maximum action.

This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

What’s New:

• Street Cred Events now give you EVERY PRIZE if you complete them.

• Zip through a neon-lit Vegas in this futuristic Street Cred Event.
• Unlock the Techn0 M0nk Torso, NeoKestrel and Neonna.

• Fight for the future in this Street Cred event full of mechanical mayhem!
• Get teched-out with the Techn0 M0nk Head, Drift Abuser, Pixel and more!

8. Gangstar New Orleans:

Top 10 games like GTA 5

In gangster new Orleans you can Join millions of players in your journey to take over America’s crime capital.

In gangster new Orleans you can get the same gold standard for open-world action games, this time in the fascinating city of New Orleans and with hundreds of vehicles, an outrageous arsenal, explosive action and complete freedom to explore this vast city. Moreover, you have all the tools to become a real Gangstar.

Biker gangs, crooked cops and even Voodoo priests prowl these streets and you’re the least common Gangstar of all. Rule the underworld and claim the Big Easy as your own criminal capital by any means necessary. This is the game you are waiting for still we had placed it in number eighth in the list of Top 10 games like GTA 5.


• Have fun shooting your way through story missions in New Orleans’s varied city districts: from the French Quarter to the slums to the mysterious bayou. Each district has its own unique flavour and action to discover.

• Enjoy triple-A graphics and Gangstar New Orleans’ amazing game soundtrack while you experience the city’s action-packed, free-flowing atmosphere.


• Exclusive to Gangstar New Orleans, Turf Wars bring fun GvG (gangster vs. gangster) excitement to your favourite shooting-game series.

• Join the action and claim your turf. Then defend it from rival crime gangs; the free resources you’ll gain will come in handy for future wars and when crafting new guns and items in the game.


  • Have fun customising your gangster using a vast array of options
  • Equip, fuse and evolve hundreds of guns and vehicles to tailor your character to your personal style
  • Free shooting game with tons of action and fun crime styles — which one will you pick…?


• Have fun claiming your own private island and expanding it into the ultimate housing complex. Show off your dream house, vehicle collection & expensive boats. Build runways and helipads for a quick escape.

What’s New:

Fixed some recently found bugs. Improved overall stability and performance.

The http://Gangstar new Orleans is the best in itself as you are independent to whatever in this world and enjoy the comforts you want in your real world. So, experience the real world adventure and share it with your friends and family.

9. GTA 5 Mobile:

Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android

GTA 5 has been called the best game ever made right after it was released in 2013. Back then it was available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But after a year it was also released on PS4 and XBox One. A year later the developers released a PC version and filled the whole market.

As we all know that GTA 5 Mobile was not released but there was a latest updated version of GTA 5 Android and iOS some how we can say a mod version of GTA 5 Mobile that was optimized especially to fit right in your android. Its incredible graphics and gameplay taken straight from the PC version. If you ever thought of playing GTA 5 on your mobile. Then, your dream is going to be fulfill because you will get the real GTA 5 feel on this mod version.

Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android

Requirement To Download:

This version of the game runs smoothly on every device with over 1 GB RAM phones. You don’t need to worry about the enough free space on your phone. The game uses latest GPU emulation that makes it look as good as console or PC version. It runs so smoothly and the online mode allows you to play with people from all around the globe. A fully functional version of the game is now in your android.

The download process is prett straight-forward as well. All you have to do is download the APK file and install it on your device. Then the game will launch and lead you through all the further simple steps and atlast you will get the real GTA 5 experience on your android also.

10. Grand Vegas Crime City:

Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android

In grand vegas crime city you can use the huge variety of weapons and ammunitions in vegas crime world of real mafia gangsters. It’s time to meet the grand vegas crime gangster city map with tons of vehicles and a lots of adventurous mission.

Become a part of vegas crime city real robbery missions. Follow the rules grand war crime simulator game and start your crime city vegas criminal journey. Snatch the best vegas crime thief car from innocent civilians.

Be fast because vegas crime city police is on your tail. Keep your one eye on city police and other on to complete the grand mafia crime simulator missions in limited time. Be a fearless grand vegas crime gangster otherwise you’ll be in police’s hand.


  • Huge grand vegas crime city with variety of ammunitions.
  • Use the vegas crime city weapons.
  • Exciting and simple gameplay control.
  • Attractive 3D environment.
  • Live your thug life as a grand vegas criminal.
  • Stunning graphical effects with realistic physics.
  • Addictive and synchronized musical sounds.

So, here is the list of http://Top 10 games like GTA 5 on Android which you can play on your android and get the real GTA experience. You should try all of these individually and share it with your friends circle.

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